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When is #WGRD2023?

Monday 6th June 2023

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Guidelines for engaging with #WGRD2023

A number of organisations and companies have contacted us from around the world since we launched #WGRD2023. There is, also, plenty of activity already running up to June 6th this year on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

As this is the first of what we hope will be many World Green Roof Days, we have been running in a pretty random way. We hope to change this for next year, but here are some guidelines for those who wish to engage. Do not take this as the ‘thought police’ but as a general rule of thumb.

We want World Green Roof Day 2023 to be a great success – for all who get involved and for green roofs across the globe. And the success really is seeing more green roofs and more green roof policies around on the continents of this wonderful planet.


We have had a few companies get in touch and most have asked about guidelines. For this year the general advice is less company selling and more why, as a company, you are involved in the green roof industry. Obviously, as a company, your aim is to engage and get purchasers more interested in your products. However, we don’t want the day to be just one great big corporate sell. We want the public to buy into the event and why green roofs are important in cities.

Do drop us a message using the form at the bottom if you wish to it discuss further and we will do the best to respond swiftly.


Future World Green Roof Days

We are sure that even in its infancy #WGRD2023 will be a great success. We hope to sit down and be a bit more organised. So, if you are interested as an organisation or a company in taking forward the idea, do get in touch.

In the first instance the originators, livingroofs.org and the EFB will frame how we want to take this forward. But it is a global event, so we will be engaging with other organisations who have already partnered with us this year – Green roofs for healthy cities, greenroofs.com and IFLAEurope. We are also happy and eager to engage with companies and other organisations from all around the world.


Tags/Credits for Social Media

We are hoping lots of people, companies and organisations around the world will take part in #WGRD2023 on June 6th. Be great if you could engage with the below on this various social media platforms.


When posting on instagram we would be really grateful to at least tag @WGRD2023 @worldgreenroofs @dusty_gedge  @roofgro and @livingrooftops and to use #WGRD2023 tag so we can find, like and comment on your posts.


Twitter please tag and use #WGRD2023 at least @WGRD2023 @greenroofsuk @worldgreenroof  @roofgro @livingrooftops – if there is space please also tag our European partners @EFBgreen @Grünstattgrau @IFLAEurope and our global partners @greenroofs and @GRHCna


On facebook please tag Dusty Gedge and Chris Bridgman who came up with idea for World Green Roof Day. If you can also share to the EFB and Livingroofs pages, we would be grateful as we can comment and share to other relevant people, pages and groups.


We have not set anything specific up here as yet, so do tag Dusty Gedge, Chris Bridgman and The Green roof organisation. Again, we can share comment and help get more people to engage with your posts.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing all your posts etc.

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Find out more & tell us your ideas

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