Welcome to World Green Roof Day!

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When is #WGRD2024?

Thursday 6th June 2024

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Photo: Vancouver Green Roof Info Think-Tank (GRiT)

Why World Green Roof Day?

Towns and cities globally are going green to adapt to climate change. Green roofs also provide vital wildlife habitat and make life better for everyone.

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What is World Green Roof Day?

A celebration of green roofs all over the world and the many benefits they bring to people and nature.

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How to be part of #WGRD2024

Share the green roof love on social media with images, events and gatherings.

Become a #WGRD2024 supporter

You can support #WGRD2024 as an individual or organisation

Build a Lego Green Roof Bus Stop

Build a Lego Green Roof Bus Stop

World Green Roof Day Colouring in Sheet

World Green Roof Day Colour in Sheet

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